Sunday, August 14, 2011


I smile because of you~
You are my families.
You are my friends.
You are my lovers.
You are my pets.
You are the one who never leaves me.
You are the one who cares me.
You are the one who loves me.

That's why I smile. =)

Sunday, August 7, 2011


养病是什么意思??是不是.......就是养那个病。唔~~最近身体不好,朋友叫我要好好养病。把病养大了好吗??不行吧~ 这两天一直在想这个问题。养病是养了病会好,还是养了病不会好??惨!我开始乱了。

养宠物就是喂它吃东西, 让他长大,身体健康。
养病呢??就是吃炸食,喝冰水,少喝水之类的。 这样病就能渐渐庞大。


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy Birthday =)

Went out to celebrate Guan Ling's birthday... =)
Another great night with all girls~ Love the outing with them~
Wait for the next outing with girls.. =D
We had being so crazy that night~ LOL
Well, it is really a nice and great night~

Friday, July 15, 2011

I ♥ July

I love July. It is because my birthday fall on this month.
Well, thanks my friends to celebrated my birthday for me...
I did not expect that they will celebrate my birthday for me.
I spend my birthday [10/7] alone in my room.
But my friends already celebrated for me on 7th of July. It was a surprise for me.
I thought we just going put for dinner and yum cha. Who knows suddenly appear a cake in front of me... Really touch! They also give me a necklace as the birthday gift.. Thanks =)

On 11th of July, another gang of friends gave me surprise again. We went out on that day. I thought we just hang out. We went to Dreambox. The cake come in to the room on the half way I sang~ LOL.... I shock! My roomie gave me two books that I wanted long time ago for my birthday gift!

This year's birthday full of small surprise that I unexpected. Thanks all my dear friends.. Love u all!!

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